Nero 12 Platinum Orginal Key

 Nero 12 Platinum Orginal Key
New Features Added to Nero 12 Platinum (v. 12.5)
Updated Version

The Nero Suite Update provides additional device profiles for converting video to the latest smartphone and tablets. It gives you encoding performance improvements, and video feature enhancements for the home entertainment environment. It is the best product for connecting your media at home.

    Intelligent Job Handling:
    Job-to-device enables easy grouping of multiple projects targeting one device destination

    Improved Encoding Speed:
    Improved encoding speed with automatic detection of installed GPU acceleration device

    Latest Device Profiles:
    Extensive device support for cross-platform Android, iOS, and Windows 8 RT mobile devices

    Customize powerful Nero Film Effect and save as your own template:

    Nero 12 Platinum includes powerful Nero Film Effect. Now, with the latest version, you can not only customize the Nero Film Effect, but you can also save them as a drag & drop template in Advanced and Express editing.

    Match music to project:

    Now, with just one click you can match your soundtrack to your project, including video or photo. The music duration will automatically be aligned to your project length, including fade-ins, fade-outs, and looped sections when necessary.

    Get even more performance for editing & exporting:
    Use more tracks for complex HD video projects and get even faster output results